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I then paddled diagonally to my left to put a bit of distance between myself and the rocks and closer to any waves that might be coming. As we got nearer we noticed a dark liquid gushing out the end and to our horror we found out that this was blood and bits and pieces being flushed out to sea by a nearby slaughterhouse. If coming from the Scripps Pier, walk north towards the beach. The coastline accepts winds from all different directions, so you are sure to find it offshore somewhere. I wanted to add flashing taglines in the header that would load up randomly, but I never did… So before I forget it, here it is on the site ….

Western Samoa.

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Heading 40 kilometres north from Port Macquarie will bring you to Crescent Head, and out to Delicate Beach, where fishing is a popular pastime. There is a nice camping area just off the beach with cooking facilities, plus a toilet block but no hot showers. The Sydney group now meets every first Saturday of the month at Bondi and every third Saturday of the month in Manly for a group surf and casual lunch.

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At the beach, facing the ocean, on the left side is a high dune from where onwards start the naturist area, opposing to the right side, where the beach amenities are situated, frequented by families.