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I found the women who regularly attended not very attractive, mostly with the worst possible grooming habits, and sometimes even rude. Rainbow-plumed queens, or jock-strapped seniors, in a Pride parade, do not represent me, or my gayness. I try to be respectful. Much the same as the 5 straight guy myths about gays in the barracks. Michael Sam made headline news when he shared a celebratory kiss with his boyfriend after hearing that he was joining the St.

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It's true for lesbians too!

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Locker Room

While in theory it may spark a fantasy or two, reality is as is usually the case a lot less sexy. WE get sexually harassed and hit on. Football, track, swimming and basketball and never once have I ever had the inclination or the desire to approach another athelete and never once did I pop wood. On occasion, I still recall images or glimpses from 20 years ago, that set my heart racing. It boosts their self-esteem to know that they can attract a gay guy and turn him down. I mean, we are all humans and finding someone attractive is normal.

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Well guys, as an older bud 55yrs I can only say-if you keep showing guys in oversize muscles and dinky speedos nobody is going to take you for real. I shudder to think of what would happen to Americans in places like Switzerland, where men and women shower together in some places and nobody bats an eye. I get in, change, shower, etc, and I get out. The guys that are so paranoid of being seen naked that they cover up their junk at all times and either change under a towel, at great inconvenience, or change in a toilet stall, are very strange. Our swimming pool was for guys only and clothing optional.

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