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No one is talking about making the person who started this thread 'special', that's ridiculous. I appreciate that you aren't coming at this from a hateful perspective but the point is, people will look up to all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. I know it is somewhat of a lame way to open a thread, so I understand if you dislike it. People also haven't said that you aren't qualified to give an opinion - they have just said that you haven't been through a traumatic coming out experience, which seems to be blocking you from acknowledging that a gay teenager may find an "out and proud" musician somebody to look up to. Ooooh, let's all 'out' loads of people we think might be gay and confirm the ones that definitely are. I know Stipe has always identified himself as 'queer'.

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This is also ace:

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Last edited Prior toAl Stewart was a folk rock artist with an inclination to write songs with historical and geographical references. All the good things about the Navy.

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George travels by Greyhound Bus to New York City, where he settles down and soon meets people who are far more sympathetic, including the narrator:

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