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According to them, overcrowding, poor hygienic conditions of the buildings where at least students live and the constant feeling of insecurity are their chief complaints. Learn how to say gay in Spanish, English or Swahili, and what words teach us on sexual diversity. His husband-to-be, Leandro Stecca agreed. Building upon Post-Colonial and Queer theories, the authors present a historical overview of the ideas and practices employed by the religious and governmental authorities to repress homosexuality among indigenous peoples since the beginning of the colonization process, on the 16th century. Latest Content. This alarming trend propelled Brazil into the headlines of international media that was still recovering from the shock of Orlando, where 49 people were murdered in a gay nightclub. Real News.

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Latino Voices.

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According to some members of his family, this may be another motivation for the crime. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Your opinion and your information are very important. A picture taken on February 13, from a rooftop of the Medina shows houses and buildings in Tunis downtown.

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He studied Letters, attended the Architecture and Fine Arts College, and was considering a transfer to study advertising.

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