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Bend Bulletin. Operating from untilmost of the company's facilities were originally part of Crown Zellerbach 's container division. A financial restructuring plan was developed wherein the Gaylord's subordinated debt securities were exchanged for new senior subordinated debt securities featuring lower principal payment requirements and lower annual interest expense. Gaylord boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. Keller, Inc.: Retrieved from " https: James Press,

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Securities and Exchange Commission declared effective the terms of the proposed exchange, and the company began soliciting the approval of its bondholders, banks, and equity holders to complete the restructuring through the filing of a pre-approved plan with the U.

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Today, the Gaylord box is synonymous with large corrugated boxes. September 6, Antioch Daily Ledger.

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PSL possessed essentially the same performance characteristics as standard linerboard, but with appreciably lower basis weight and, therefore, less material to end up as potential solid waste.